Dr Pathma Raj Ramasamy obtained his law degree as well as the Brickfields Asia College Book Prize for Company Law in 2013. He then commenced a career as a Tutor/Lecturer for Company Law, Commercial Law and Common Law Reasoning at Brickfields Asia College whilst reading his Certificate in Legal Practise. Upon completing his Certifcate In Legal Practise in 2014, Dr. Pathma Raj commenced his pupillage at Messrs Muhendaran Sri in January 2015 under the guidance of Mr. Muhendaran Suppiah. He received exposure in Industrial Relations, Civil Procedure as well as Conveyancing practise. Dr. Pathma Raj was called to the High Court of Malaya in November 2015. He then continued to teach at Brickfields Asia College as well as occasionally gave talks and trainings on legal principles. In December 2016, he joined as a Partner at Messrs Kevindran & Co. Then on 31st January 2018, Dr. Pathma Raj founded Messrs Pathma Raj Ramasamy & Co.

Dr. Pathma Raj’s legal practice is focused on criminal, civil, contracts, intellectual property, corporate, commercial as well as taxation law. Dr. Pathma Raj also advises on employment law and corporate governance.

Dr. Pathma Raj has been editorially active in producing materials since his days at Brickfields Asia College. Among the materials include study manual and revision guide for Commercial Law, revision guide for Company Law and articles for Brickfields Law Review. Dr. Pathma Raj continues to teach and deliver talks and trainings till date as he always believes that “knowledge is the most valuable property one can earn and the only way this wealth grows is by being shared”.

Dr. Pathma Raj has also started two brand new initiatives namely “What do I do?” series on his very own YouTube channel, Dr. Pathma Raj Ramasamy as well as a Facebook weekly series entitled “PRR AND FRIENDS” on his Facebook page, Messrs Pathma Raj Ramasamy & Co wherein he invites friends to share their views regarding different legal issues in the country. All these with one common goal, to spread legal awareness among Malaysians. In 2022, Dr. Pathma Raj Ramasamy had completed his Master of Business Administration from University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Dr. Pathma Raj Ramasamy had also recently been conferred with the Doctor of Laws from Northeast Alabama University for his contributions in the practise and teaching law in Malaysia over the years.